About Danielle

Danielle Theis Danielle Theis has been working successfully with youth who experience mental health and behavioral challenges since 1990. She prides herself in assisting schools in becoming trauma responsive. Danielle is a licensed psychotherapist, Director of Special Education, and K-12 Principal. Her experience includes serving youth through residential treatment, school social work, child protective services, children’s mental health services and centers for child victims of domestic violence. Danielle has served as the Administrator in Setting IV programs in public schools for seven years. In 2010, Danielle became the Principal of New Dominion School of Gerard Academy serving students within a residential treatment facility. Danielle is one of 20 Master Trainers for Life Space Crisis Intervention in the world. She is acknowledged by the Minnesota Department of Education as an expert in reducing restrictive procedures and working effectively with children who display significant behavioral challenges. Danielle provides trainings and consultative services to support children experiencing mental health and behavioral challenges, and the adults who serve them, in our schools and communities.