I provide consultative services to educators and community service providers who are experiencing barriers with kids who struggle with mental health and behavioral issues. These services vary according to the needs of the provider. I can observe individual students, staff members, teams, or entire programs and provide detailed guidance on how to proceed more effectively and efficiently. I can also consult with providers considering more restrictive programming options to develop proactive strategies. The amount of consultative service depends on the size and needs of the population and/or program.

I have worked with kids struggling with significant issues in many different settings since 1990. I am an LICSW, Director of Special Education, and Principal. I have served in all of these roles and see children through a combination of these lenses and necessary skill sets. I understand what educators must achieve, and I know how to achieve that, with kids who present with mental health issues and significant behaviors.

I have found that it is the interaction these children have with the adults around them that makes the difference in their ability to adjust maladaptive behavior patterns. However… the adults have to understand why they must interact purposefully, what these interactions must include, and what they must avoid. I believe educators and services providers want kids to succeed! They want to be part of kids moving toward a positive and productive future.

Educators who understand the foundations of trauma and mental health issues, the impact of the conflict cycle, and how to effectively intervene can achieve their goal with these vulnerable kids. I have the ability to teach the adults the necessary skills to reach these children. In my own work as an administrator, I have reduced physical interventions by 90% in a school serving children who necessitate residential treatment. I do not just talk about this… I do it everyday.

“If everyone was exposed to this information, the consistency in responding to students would be amazing!”Special Education Paraprofessional